Fun Science and Technology Courses for Kids 4-14

Discovery Factory offers fun bilingual (English/German) science and technology courses in Freienbach for kids 4-14. Kids develop an early interest in exploring how and why science and technology all around us works. Hands-on experiments and fun engineering challenges get kids learning, innovating and creating.

Discovery Factory is Fun and Meaningful

Discovering the fun of science at an early age is fun for kids. All children are born with the natural desire to investigate and learn how things work, to experiment and to discover. Kids develop an excitment about science and technology and the desire to make a difference in the future.

Kids experience success and build self-confidence at Discovery Factory. Nothing is a mistake and noone is a failure at Discover Factory. Some of the greatest discoveries of all time have at first been seen as mistakes. A confident scientist saw the potential, instead of the failure, and a discovery was born! That’s the perspective kids learn at Discovery Factory.

Discovery Factory teachers are enthusiastic scientists themselves and love to explore and quide children in learning all about magnets, gravity, electricity, water, floating, flying and in fact Science is Everywhere. There’s no better way to learn about it than with hands-on experiments that bring it to life.

The courses are taught bilingually, primarily in English, with explanations in German for students new to or improving their English. Everything is hands-on, so the students quickly connect new English vocabulary with what they see and they can start using their new vocabulary immediately. They learn and practice English during the encouraging and interesting courses. Soon, they increase their confidence and use of English in real-life settings.

Our Courses

The Discovery Factory offers fun discovery courses in science and technology with the serious goal of getting more children excited about the role science and technology plays in our lives – now and in the future. Our lesson plans are carefully designed and proven.

We offer hands-on fun discovery and experimentation courses at schools, birthday parties, during after school and holiday programs or in organisations that promote fun science learning for children. Just contact us for details.

Courses running in Freienbach:


15:30-16:30  Serious Fun with Science for children ages 4-5 years (9 weeks, 225 CHF) Start anytime! Ask for a trial lesson! Parents welcome.
16:30-17:30  Early Engineers. Take on fun engineering challenges and create your own unique machine! ages 8-14 years (9 weeks, 225 CHF) Start anytime! Ask for a trial lesson!


16:30-17:30 Serious Fun with Science for children ages 8-14 years (9 weeks, 225 CHF) Start anytime! Ask for a trial lesson!


Available for birthday parties –  fun engineering challenges and science themed parties for a unique event with an impact!


15:45-16:45  Serious Fun with Science for children ages 5-7  (9 lessons, 225 CHF) Start anytime! Ask for a trial lesson!

17:00-18:00 Serious Fun with Lego Advanced Building for children ages 6+ (25 CHF per lesson, 4 lesson minimum)  Start anytime! Ask for a trial lesson! Offered in cooperation with Buildtastic, a proven Lego Course Provider


9:00-11:00 Serious Fun with Lego MindStorms Robotics. Students design, build and program their own robot ages 8-14 (9 weeks, 450CHF) Only 2 spaces left. Contact us. Offered in cooperation with Buildtastic, a proven Lego Course Provider

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Empowering Kids to Impact the Future

We are building in children an early awareness of the amazing world of science and technology. Once the child has discovered this amazing world, they consider putting science and technology at the forefrontof their education and career choices. They are equipped and excited, and ready to make a difference.

The STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, „MINT“ in German) are important for progress. The challenges of society, today and in the future, will be solved by innovation in these areas. Deficits of professionals in the MINT fields is a recognized problem.

Many of the current programs aimed at solving this problem target older students who primarily are already interested in science. STEM/MINT subjects are often hardly present in the Kindergarten and Primary levels, a time when children are forming their key perceptions of themselves and their interests.

Discovery Factory awakens interest in children early in life for the potential science innovations have to make a difference in our lives and in the world. The courses are located near their school and occur weekly. This creates a lasting change in the childrens’ perspectives. Once they have a taste for discovery and innovation, they will want to choose careers with impact potential for the future.

We offer fun experiment and discovery or early engineering challenge courses for birthday parties, during after school and holiday care programs, at schools and organisations. Just contact us for details.

The founder, Pam Bremer, is herself a passionate scientist (Chemistry and Computer Science) with many years of industry experience. She taught Fun with Science starting in 2004 and has many years of experience teaching students from 4-14 years. She is the founder of Obersee Bilingual School and has been an enthusiastic promoter of Science in Education. She’s successfully opened the wondering eyes of hundreds of children to the amazing world of science.

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Mondays, 15:30-16:30 Fun Science ages 4-5Mondays, 16:30-17:30 Early Engineers ages 8-14Tuesdays, 16:30-17:30 Fun Science ages 8-14Thursdays, 15:45-16:45 Fun Science ages 5-7Thursdays, 17:00-18:00 Advanced Lego ages 6+Saturdays, 09:00-11:00 Lego Mindstorms ages 8-14

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